Tours of the D-Day landing beaches, Airborne drop zones and the Normandy Campaign that followed in the summer of 1944 between Allied and German Forces.

Please note that in 2014, due to lecturing, I will have very limited time to devote to clients seeking tours in Normandy.

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After “breaking into” Normandy on D-Day, a 3 month blood-letting, facing a tenacious opponent, was engaged before an allied “break out."towards the Seine. The resulting breakout, with other European fronts, eventually brought about the end of World War II in Europe just under a year later. Not forgetting many other key battles.

The dramatic events that took place in Normandy during that summer of 1944 are still very evident across the shores of D-Day and inland : The German defenses, the scars of battle, hundreds of memorials, increasing every year, countless museums, and the numerous war cemeteries across this beautiful region. The melancholy beauty of the cemeteries is the greatest contrast to the violence that made them such an omnipresent part of the landscape in Normandy.

There is much to see. To relate what happened, from the general strategy and actions to the moving stories of the individuals that took part, is a task I would be delighted to help you with should you wish to make an inquiry.

Though it is of course possible to visit the D-Day sites on a day trip into Normandy, be aware that it is a large region and should really be appreciated by staying for more than one day.
The D-Day coast itself is 50 miles in length and cannot really be appreciated by rushing through it. Omaha beach for example is a 4-mile beach, the German positions, the Memorials, running across it. The Pointe du Hoc, nearby, is a 30-acre site. The US military cemetery is a 172-acre site. To rush these places, with the stories they hold, is to defeat the point of understanding their true significance.

A 1 day guided tour is of course possible - it is the most frequent tour duration for the many competent tour guides or companies that operate locally or come into Normandy for the day. Staying 'more than one day' means why not take a tour for at least 1 day, and explore the region and what it has to offer for yourself over several days ? People often seem to go to Paris for a week, understandable, and come out to Normandy for just a day ! You will find information on the links page to help you pln your visit to Normandy.

               If you are interested in a tour, please feel free to email me at :    


I will be delighted to produce an itinerary suggestion for you based on your dates (and my availability !) hotel location, duration of stay, and number of people and means of transport. I will of course also give you, based on the above information, an accurate fee.
In addition and as a compliment to my tour guide self-employed status, I have a licence enabling me to transport clients in my own car during the tour. This is optional and not always applicable.

There is no fee indicated here because it is calculated on where I meet you at your hotel, duration and transport for the tour included, or not. The fee I will quote to you, following your inquiry, is not on a per person basis but for my time out with you.

Please note however that I do not undertake transfers to and from Paris ! A typical day out covering D-Day sites or the battles inland can cover anything over 150 km of driving (when based in Normandy), rarely under. I can though meet you in Normandy if you come out by train.


NB : If you have specific locations you wish to visit while remembering someone's part in the Normandy Campaign in 1944, providing me with their name and military unit will enable me to prepare an appropriate itinerary. Better still, if you have Company, Battalion or Regimental details, the more pertinent and accurate a tour can be made.

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